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We build, maintain and upgrade your home

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What Differentiates Us?

We build, maintain and upgrade your home

    Unparalleled Quality

                     A guarantee of top notch services and source materials.

    Customized Home Interior Packages

                     Inclusive of all home decor services at the best prices.

    Wholesale Prices

                     Competitive prices that suit your budget.

   Expertise and Experience

                    Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals.


                    Ensuring that your home resonates with auspicious energies.

  Unique Design Approach

                  Developing a distinctive design approach.

    5 Years of Structural Warranty

                     Transparent and credible home construction practices.

    Fluent Approvals

                  Seamless assistance for approvals from government and external authorities.

Got a Concern? We’re Here To Help

We understand that home construction is a cherished dream. We offer perfect solutions to all your queries so that you can make the best decision.

How much does a new home construction costs?

The final price for the home construction varies depending on the scope of the project, materials used, and other factors.

Do you provide a project deadline before it begins?

Yes, we provide a plan of action with a payment schedule in advance to home construction.

Do you guarantee the material quality used during the execution?

Yes, supreme quality ISI Marked Materials are used during the execution.

Do you ensure a seamless look after completion?

Yes, we offer quality craftsmanship and tailored designs to match your expectations of home construction.

Why should we trust you as a home construction company?

Interior Company is a one-stop solution to designing, building or remodelling your home. With our relentless attention to detail, exceptional customer service and devotion to quality, you can visualise your dream home via Virtual Reality before completion. We offer outstanding warranty service and a one-of-a-kind lifetime preventative home maintenance program.

How can we monitor and track the progress of the project?

A project manager and site engineer are assigned to track daily tasks and share real-time updates on WhatsApp groups. Moreover, customers can opt for CCTV surveillance on the site. Customers are kept in the loop from bills of any material acquisition to labor costs at every step.

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